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Projects in the region

In the first phase, the GRRIPP platform sought to strengthen, consolidate and recreate networks of collaboration between different initiatives and types of knowledge on gender, intersectionality, disaster risk management, adaptation, and mitigation of climate change. Ten projects in the Latin American and Caribbean region sought to resolve and explore the connections between gender and an intersectional approach, care, and territories in their social and environmental dimensions. As part of the second phase, three new projects have been added to expand the collaboration frameworks further and continue addressing the issues of the first phase in the territory. We invite you to meet them!

Portada Proyectos WEB ingles-02.jpg
Portada Proyectos WEB ingles-09.jpg
Portada Proyectos WEB ingles-12.jpg
Portada Proyectos WEB ingles-13.jpg
Portada Proyectos WEB ingles-01.jpg
Portada Proyectos WEB ingles-11.jpg
Portada Proyectos WEB ingles-14.jpg
Portada Proyectos WEB ingles-07.jpg
Project Cuba ingles_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg

Projects in South Asia

From the countries of Southeast Asia, GRRIPP has developed projects around disaster risk management in connection with gender approaches, as well as intersectionality. With the motivation of broadening our horizons to know the state of the topics addressed from the Asian experiences. We invite you to read a little more about these projects!

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