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Pilot plan for neighbourhood care infrastructure: Safety net between carers, disabled, elderly, and the wider community

Places of ocurrence:

Juanita Aguirre Neighborhood, Conchalí, Santiago, Chile

Implementing organizations:

Municipality of Conchalí; Ciudadanas Cuidando Collective; JJVV 29 Juanita Aguirre Neighborhood; Communal Union of Older Adults

Main objective:

Strengthen the care network of the neighbors of the Juanita Aguirre neighborhood in the Conchalí commune.

Main results:

  • The identity of the caregivers of the Juanita Aguirre neighborhood was reinforced through training in theoretical aspects on which they base their work, strengthening their relationship with the Neighborhood Unit of the district.

  • Care in the territory was strengthened by caregivers' articulation and incidence in local public policies and their approach to the Municipality of Conchalí. 

  • A methodology that strengthens care and includes subjective and emotional dimensions developed. These aspects are transcendental for the activity of caring but also for the caregivers' self-care.

Consultation resources:

  • Instagram

Ciudadanas cuidando

  • YouTube

Cooperativa Ciudadanas cuidando

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Manual para explorar la infraestructura de cuidados barriales

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