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Reference Guide

August 2022

This guide compiles ‘alternative’ references i.e. references that scholars might not necessarily expect to come across when reading about Resilience or Infrastructure for instance.

Guided by a decolonial approach (by which we mean a critical reassessment of power relationships between countries, communities, and social relationships more generally), the guide consists of a compilation of references specifically selected by each region to expand non-English speaking literature in the fields of gender-responsive disaster risk reduction, climate change action and development.

By including articles, reports, books, and blog posts in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, the guide aims to expand the field of sources, epistemologies, methodologies and experiences more broadly through the combination of studies widely acclaimed for the contextualized analysis they bring but also scholarship from non-conventional authors, known and used in certain fields or regions but not ‘in the mainstream’ as well as those simply marginalised in the literature because they do not write in English.

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