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Community resilience with a gender focus: grassroots women managing disaster risk and the impact of climate change in Peru

Places of ocurrence:

Lima and Lambayeque, Peru

Implementing organizations:

GROOTS PERU; Educational Services El Agustino; Campus Urban Thinkers - PERU by FEMUM ALC connected to the Global World Urban Campaign; UN-Habitat Campaign, Huairou Commission

Main objective:

Consolidate women's protagonism in disaster risk management and climate change adaptation, expressed in the active role and capacities of grassroots women leaders to design and implement prevention, mitigation, and recovery strategies in the face of disasters linked to natural phenomena and climate change.

Specific objectives:

  • Women leaders identify, reflect, analyze and discuss the physical and social vulnerability to disaster risk and the effects of climate change to strengthen capacities to ensure resilient and safe communities.

  • Grassroots women strengthen their food security practices through communal and individual gardens and afforestation in degraded areas. 

  • Women leaders have evidence for advocacy based on Local Governance in Disaster Risk Management mapping, which identifies institutional capacities and public budgets of municipal and regional governments, enabling them to advocate for public policies and resources to ensure resilient and safe communities.

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