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Light of Hope (2011) Michelle Angela Ortiz and Ivan García Bartolomé.


Find out about GRRIPP activities and past events by browsing through our monthly newsletters.


Each newsletter contains Latest News, Project Updates, and a special 'In Focus' piece. To view: Click on the month to open newsletter in a new window:


January 2024-

GRRIPPs final newsletter. GRRIPP visits COP28, new resources including LAC book, and final updates from all of the regions.

December 2023 - 

No newsletter (winter break)

November 2023-

An international conference, GRRIPPer's contribution to the World Risk Report, South Asia's webinar and project updates from LAC.

October 2023 -

South Asia's IDDRR seminar and new resources, the LAC team showcase two new films, and the London team launch the latest GRRIPP Reference Guide.


September 2023 - 

Highlights from the final GRRIPP Seminar in Bangladesh, knowledge exchange in Africa, new resources from the LAC team, and an exciting event announcement.

August 2023 - 

GRRIPP Africa's site visit to a project in Zimbabwe, GRRIPP South Asia's documentary progress and workshops, and GRRIPP LAC's final event.

July 2023 - 

A new language exchange programme, event announcements in South Asia, project updates and congratulations to an award-winning GRRIPP team member. 

June 2023 - 

Find out about pride month, the student STEM challenge and read a summary of Virginia Murray's guest seminar: Gender Bias in Climate Change.

May 2023 - 

The third and final GRRIPP International Seminar and exciting project updates.

April 2023 - 

New publication announcements, a spotlight on factsheets and traditional Mithali art workshops in Nepal.

March 2023 - 

Learn more about the Second GRRIPP International Seminar on Gender and Intersectionality Approaches to Resilience and UCL IRDR's Centre for Gender and Disaster's fifth anniversary.

February 2023 - 

We we take a deep dive into the first of our three International Seminars: Gender, Care & Livelihoods in Times of Crisis.

January 2023 - 

GRRIPP LAC project Instituto Mulheres da Amazônia presented their AGENDA 21/2030 to Brazil's new Minister for Women.

December 2022 - 

No newsletter (winter break)

November 2022 - 

GRRIPP LAC launch their document repository and introduce new members of the team.

October 2022 - 

Read Omogolo Taunyane-Mnguni's fantastic interview with Mama Mandisa at the Southern Africa Society for Disaster Reduction (SASDiR) conference in Malawi.

September 2022 - 

Esther Mercy Atim from FIDA Uganda shares her experience attending the Sexual Violence Research Initiative Forum in Mexico.

August 2022 - 

Make the most of the GRRIPP Reference Guide.

July 2022 - 

What works for advocacy communication in Africa? Experiences and tips.

June 2022 - 

Behind the scenes insight about into GRRIPP South Asia's Final Dissemination event.

May 2022 - 

Louisa and Nadia's Brazil project visit, as well as project updates

April 2022

Project updates from GRRIPP Africa and South Asia

March 2022

Global project updates and celebrating International Women's Day

February 2022 -

GRRIPP Glossary: concepts from the projects

January 2022 -

Meet the global GRRIPP team

December 2021 - 

No newsletter (winter break)

November 2021 -

GRRIPP LAC project impacts

October 2021 -

Announcements of awardees in LAC, Africa & South Asia.

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