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Water Ágape: waterways and lives on the journey

Places of ocurrence:


Implementing organizations:

Flood Territorial Observatory for Hydrosocial Action; Movement for the Defense of Access to Water, Land, and Environmental Protection - MODATIMA; Rural Drinking Water Committee of San José de Cabildo

Main objective:

To make visible the structural and multidimensional inequality of the water crisis in Chile and to recognize actions that social organizations develop to protect water as a fundamental right.

Main results:

  • Visualization of water resource access, management, and distribution challenges in rural territories.

  • Strengthening rural drinking water committees through delivering equipment in the Ñuble region.

  • Development of the "Voices for Water" web platform, with tools for data collection and analysis, cartographic information, and a talking map with audiovisual information.

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Mujeres Modatima

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