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Cities and territories that care: Local systems of care with a gender perspective

Places of ocurrence:

Buenos Aires and Córdoba, Argentina; Bogotá, Colombia; Santiago, Chile

Implementing organizations:

SUR Corporation for Social Studies and Education; AVP Foundation; CISCSA

Main objective:

Contribute to the design of care policies and strategies with a gender and territorial approach that guarantees people's right to care and be taken care of.

Main results:

  • Diagnostic study on needs, demands, and care strategies at the territorial level developed in the places of incidence.

  • Participation of municipalities and other government bodies promoted, achieving significant political impact.

  • Care is a relevant topic in public policies, academic research, and the practices of positioned urban collectives.

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Sitio Sur

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Ciscsa Ciudades Feministas

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SUR Corporación de Estudios Sociales y Educación

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Fundación AVP

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