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Project Reports & Publications

All publications from the GRRIPP Africa projects


Gender and Climate Change Coalition Tanzania

Gender mainstreaming in climate change strategies in Tanzania

  • Integrating Gender Perspectives in Tanzania's Climate Change Policies, Plans, and Strategies: A Rapid Analysis (English, Swahili)

  • Policy Brief (English)

  • Media Awareness Campaign Report: Popularizing Policy Documents in Tanzania (English)

  • Gender Mainstreaming and Popularisation of Climate Change Strategies: Key Messages (English)

  • Success Stories (English)

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South Sudan
Universal Intervention & Development Organization (UNIDOR)

Integration of gender-responsive approach to disaster management and development policy

  • Gender Inclusive Institutional Policy

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Youth Care Group Network International

Empower women to share and express themselves to increase development

  • Research Report: Impacts of poor development on gender resilience

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Echoes of Humanity

Machitenda Women Economic Riders, in Masvingo Province

  • Machitenda Women Economic Ryders Project Report

  • Policy statement regarding provision of trikes and the use of trikes to carry out work-related business

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Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA)

Beyond victimisation: Exploring avenues to overcome gender-based violence in Kampala markets

  • Beyond victimisation: Project report

  • FIDA Uganda Success Story

  • Beyond victimisation: Documentary

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Mwanasikana Wanhasi

Countering female voter apathy and increasing female political candidates toward the 2023 Zimbabwean elections

  • Final Report with Success story

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