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Territorial management for adaptation, climate change mitigation and disaster risk management with a gender and intersectionality approach in island territories

Places of ocurrence:

Latin America and the Caribbean, and island territories

Implementing organizations:

FLACSO – Programa Cuba; GRRIPP LAC

Main objective:


Promote spaces for the exchange of experiences on territorial management, adaptation and mitigation to climate change, and disaster risk management in Latin America and the Caribbean, from a gender and intersectional perspective, prioritizing the case of island territories.


  • Public policies for Disaster Risk Management with an intersectional and gender approach at the national, territorial and local levels.

  • Ecosystem-based adaptation as a conceptual reference in land management.

  • Work of groups or communities in contexts of health crises, in situations of vulnerability to extreme natural events or effects of climate change.

  • Initiatives, projects, programs and policies for adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

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