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Autonomy in the territory and habitat management: Collective construction of knowledge with an intersectional and climate change approach in La Planada Nature Reserve

Places of ocurrence:

La Planada Nature Reserve, Department of Nariño, Colombia

Implementing organizations:

Noddo ONG

Main objective:

Contribute to the strengthening and sustainability of the livelihoods of the Awá population of the Pialapí Indigenous Resguardo - Pueblo Viejo, understanding their habitat, culture, and territory through the analysis of the impact of climate change and the dynamics of intersectionality.

Specific objectives:

  • To understand the livelihoods and ways of life of the Awá community of the RPPV, identifying variations and impacts as a consequence of climate change.

  • To understand the relations of power, intersectionality, and gender linked to the conservation and restoration of the territory to strengthen women's participation, encouraging equity in the decision-making bodies about the domain and the Scientific and Nature Tourism project.

  • Joint construction of a Didactic Guide with practical tools that strengthen the community's capacities in their development and promote the Scientific and Nature Tourism project.

Consultation resources:

  • Instagram

Noddo ONG

  • notebook

Autonomy in Habitat and Territory Management 

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