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V Art and Culture Festival: Quilombo of Catucá

Places of ocurrence:

Camaragibe, Pernambuco, Brazil

Implementing organizations:

Quilombo do Catucá Cultural Center, Ilê Axê Oyá TOgum, Group Pé no Chão

Main objective:

Promote the articulation of the population of Camaragibe through the ancestral knowledge of Candomblé as practices of healing, culture, art, and education.

Main results:

  • Infrastructure habilitation and restructuring of the Quilombo Cultural Center of Catucá to promote cultural encounters among the population.  

  • Capacities strengthened from the community and traditional practices of Candomblé to combat gender inequalities in the territory. 

  • Two art and culture festivals were held, promoting the articulation of the population of Camaragibe.

Consultation resources:

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Quilombo do Catuca

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Quilombo do Catuca

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Coco de Catuca - Centro Cultural do Catuca

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Género, territorios periféricos y ancestralidades

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