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Regenerative cosmonucleation and enchantment in the management of traditional territories in Pernambuco

Places of ocurrence:

Pernambuco, Brasil

Implementing organizations:

Abdalaziz de Moura Institute (IAM); Agrodóia - Association of Family Farmers of Serra dos Paus Dóias; Caxo Xukuru, Coletivo Caxo da Boa Vista; Sítio Malokambo; Colectivo Chã de Terra

Main objective:

Promote the exchange and preservation of traditional knowledge of food and medicine in three territories of the state of Pernambuco: Xukuru, Tracunhaém, and Serra dos Pau-Dóias through the habilitation of community spaces.

Main results:

  • Infrastructure for community exchanges in three localities of Pernambuco enabled: the structuring of a ritual kitchen in the Xukurú population, the conditioning of a medicinal house in Serra dos Pau Doias, the home of care and production of natural remedies in Tracunhaém adapted.

  • Formation of a network in Pernambuco that articulates three organizations: Agrodóia - Associação de Agricultoras (es) Familiares da Serra dos Paus Dóias; Caxo Xukuru - Coletivo Caxo da Boa Vista and Sítio Malokambo.

  • Community knowledge and practices preserve through community exchange spaces generated.

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