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A Collective Vocabulary for Liberation in Darker Times

March 2023

Lexicon cover.png

We started to think about the A Collective Vocabulary: Liberation Lexicon in Darker Times sometime in 2021 during the implementation of the GRRIPP project, not only because we all were - in different manners - perceiving being in darker times. We also felt the need to start considering more the way we think, the words we use to describe such emotional landscapes and our thinking. We felt the need to think together, or better to keep thinking together beyond the different project activities, the everyday implementation of projects, and the struggles to find horizons of hope and strategies to cope with uncertainties. We invited GRRIPP colleagues, awardees, friends to think collectively and to submit an entry for this collective vocabulary. We had no idea where this was leading us to, but we knew that there is the necessity to develop, collect and engage with terms, with vocabulary that help us think.

The collection here is the result of such collective thinking. Led by Ksenia Chmutina and Camillo Boano, the vocabulary presents concepts and ideas in English and other languages that specifically emerge from different collective, feminist, decolonial practices and experiences.

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