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A Gender and Intersectionality Responsive Climate Adaptation Plan for London - Green Party AMs & GRRIPP

January 2024

Ahead of the Mayor of London's Climate Resilience Review, GRRIPP has worked in cooperation with Zack Polanski - Green Party Member of the London Assembley and Deputy Leader of the Green Party England & Wales - in issuing a new report outlining the importance of evaluating any climate recommendations through an intersectional gender lens.

The report uses global case studies to outline how and why unique vulnerabilities of women, LGBTQIA+ and low-paid Londoners need serious consideration in climate adaptation planning. 

The report recommends:  

  1. Revise climate assessments through an intersectional gender lens  

  2. Deliver genuine and inclusive public participation 

  3. Set gender-sensitive targets and monitor against delivery 

  4. Define organisational responsibilities  

  5. Deliver adequate funding

GRRIPP members included Louisa Acciari, Maureen Fordham, Valentina de Marco of RAMCC: Argentina Network of Municipalities Facing Climate Change, Maria Matui from the Gender and Climate Change Tanzania Coalition, Ramona Miranda of Duryog Nivaran, Jessica Roberts and Olivia Walmsley.

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