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August 2023

Art by GRRIPPers from across the three regions.

Led by Hanna A Ruszczyk, from the Dept of Geography and the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience at Durham University (UK), GRRIPP commissioned three artists to create a piece of art based on the core themes of intersectionality, gender and resilience emerging from the GRRIPP funded projects in their region.

How do gender, resilience and intersectionality appear in the projects? What emerged from the projects through the use of these themes? How are intersectionality, gender and resilience expressed?

Artists Pritha Choudhury and Satyam Yada (South Asia), Vanessita Roa (Latin America and Carribean) and Shahinaz Sabeel (Africa) won the 2023 competition.

Artists' statements about their piece can be read in the poster below.

Accompanying poster

GRRIPP POSTER final july 2023.jpg
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