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Mithila Art
A Pilot Study on Mithila Art in Nepal 

April 2024

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Mithila art is a traditional form of artwork practiced by women of the Mithila-speaking community in the Madhesh Province of Nepal. It holds significant cultural heritage value for the entire Mithila-speaking community.

Mithila art had been an integral part of the everyday life of Mithila-speaking people, depicting their culture (e.g., weddings), traditions (e.g., festivals), nature (birds, peacocks), and emotions (e.g., celebrations). However, this practice is slowly declining.


With this being said, this study aims to: 

  • gather reasons behind the disappearance of Mithila art from the everyday life of the Mithila community in the Madhesh province of Nepal.

  • to understand the impacts of NGOization, urbanization, and internationalization of Mithila arts on the everyday lives of Mithila women.

  • Examine the impact of climate change and mass migration of men and boys on Mithila art.

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