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001. Guía para la Transversalización del Enfoque de Género en la Planificación Climática L
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This notebook is the second in a line of publications that seek to value knowledge and wisdom about plants, agriculture, feeding, and food as a cure, as well as the management of agroecosystems from the approaches of good living and good eating.


The second notebook presents the story of four families that intersect, being the women protagonists and promoters of health through the science of nature's remedies, women from Chapada do Araripe, Pernambuco.


Regenerative cosmonucleation and enchantment in the management of traditional territories in Pernambuco



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Ana Carvalho, Giuseppe Bandeira, Maria Silvanete B. de Sousa Lermen, Mariana Sobral, Marília Nepomuceno Pinheiro

Mariana Sobral


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