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001. Guía para la Transversalización del Enfoque de Género en la Planificación Climática L
Metodología para análisis de riesgos.png


This document presents a methodology consisting of a series of tools for analyzing disaster risk at the local level, promoting the adoption of the intersectional gender perspective when carrying out the risk diagnosis of a community. It aims to boost the visibility of the differentiated vulnerabilities of the population and thus formulate actions for the reduction and management of risk that are inclusive and adapted to the needs of the different communities.


Gender equality and LGTBIQ+ integration in local risk management in Chacabuco, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile


Claudia González Muzzio; Claudia Cárdenas Becerra; Sofía Durán Cárdenas, GRID - Chile

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Risk and Disaster Management Corporation (GRID-CHILE)

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