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001. Guía para la Transversalización del Enfoque de Género en la Planificación Climática L


The manifesto presents the collectives that are part of the Multicultural Network of Living Territories, the principles that guide this union, the proposal of "Schools of Living Territories", and the principles of their action. It ends with a call to all those individuals, institutions and peoples who believe that it is possible to build a diverse, healthy, harmonious and sustainable world, in which ways of life and cultural, ethnic and social diversity are understood as the horizon for facing our challenges.


The following projects were involved in the development: Regenerative Cosmonucleation and Enchantment in the Management of Traditional Territories in Pernambuco; V Catucá Quilombo Festival; and Advocacy on Gender, Race, and Ethnicity.


Rede Multicultural dos Territórios Vivos

Participating organizations

Centro Cultural Quilombo do Catucá; Coletiva Chã de Terra (CHÃ); Instituto Mulheres da Amazônia (IMA). Fundacão Kembʼalil (Guatemala).

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