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Regenerative cosmonucleation
in the management of traditional territories

Pernambuco, Brazil 

Instituto Abdalaziz de Moura, Chã Coletiva da terra, Coletivo Caxo da Boa Vista, Associação de Agricultores Familiares da Serra dos Paus Dóias, Sítio malokambo 


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This project aims to promote the sharing of traditional knowledge of food and healing in Xukuru, Pankararu, Tracunhaém and Serra dos Pau-Dóias through the generation of spaces. 

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Project methodology



in the territory

Systematization of experiences (Publications)

Construction of infrastructures to preserve practices

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Maria de Souza Benedito

has 74 years and is part of one of the two families that holds the project in Serra dos Pau Dóias where they are restructuring the House of Experience and Healing, space dedicated to community health practices. She says: 

There were only twelve children (laughs). And thanks to God […] and of the medicines of the forest and all the saints of heaven, I created all twelve, because in my brotherhood, twelve were born, six died, and I thought mine would be like that too, but God held, created, everyone is in the middle of the world, everyone alive. So, it was with the help of things from the bush. suffering, it was with suffering because at that time we suffered more than today and then we had to rely on the roots, it was the things of the bush, it was the fruit of the bush, it was those things, so I thank God and Our Lady for all this.

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Maria Silvanete Lermen

is healer and community health advisor in Serra dos Paus Doías, she says that the project is making efforts to record the memory and safeguard the knowledge before the Remédios do Mato and the Benzos that make up the community. She says: 

I always say that we are the ones who make HISTORY and SCIENCE as long as we tell, that we record, that we need to record it


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